Active and inactive bonuses

As part of our loyalty programme, clients are awarded a deposit bonus. For every credit to your account, you will receive between 5-20% of the amount deposited (exact percentage is determined by your individual status). All bonuses are denominated in USDT.

These funds may be used for trading, but may not be withdrawn from your trading account. However, any profit you make from trading with bonus funds is yours to do with what you will. You can see all your bonuses in the "My wallets" section of the terminal.


Active bonuses are tradable, which means you can use them to make trades.

Inactive bonuses are bonus funds that are currently held in reserve.  This is because the total amount of non-withdrawable bonuses on any single trading account may not exceed 20% of the total USDT balance of the account. The amount of tradable bonus funds available automatically updates as the USDT balance of the account increases/decreases.

For example, say the remaining balance of a given account is 1000 USDT and its holder has accumulated 350 USDT in bonuses.  The amount of (active) bonus funds available for trading will be 200 USDT.  The remaining 150 USDT in bonus funds will be visible in the Inactive Bonus column. If the account balance rises to 1750 USDT, the active bonus (available for trading) column will show a value of 350 USDT.

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