Depositing funds

You can deposit funds to a trading account in several ways:

1.     By crypto wallet.

There are no fees for this deposit method.

To deposit funds to your account using a crypto wallet, go to your Wallet, select the necessary cryptocurrency and click Deposit next to the corresponding wallet.


In the dialogue window that appears, copy the wallet address for depositing funds to StormGain. Make the transfer from your external wallet to this address.

Deposit transactions tend to take about 30 minutes.  The speed it takes for the funds to be credited depends on the cryptocurrency and what's happening on its blockchain. You can always check the payment status using the checker for each cryptocurrency.

If the funds don't appear in your account in 3-4 hours, please contact us through the feedback form.

Each cryptocurrency has a minimum deposit amount. If the deposit amount is less than the minimum, the funds will not be credited to your account.

Note: The cryptocurrency for the account to be credited must match the cryptocurrency for the deposit account. If you send a different cryptocurrency to this address, your deposit may be lost.

You can find detailed video instructions for depositing funds to an account with a cryptocurrency here.


2.     By Visa or Mastercard via Simplex

If you don't have crypto assets or a crypto wallet, you can buy cryptocurrency using a Visa or Mastercard.

Click 'Deposit' on the platform.

In the window that appears, select the wallet that you want to deposit funds to, the currency you plan to make the payment in and the amount, then select Simplex as the deposit method. After that, click 'Deposit'.


After that, you'll be redirected to Simplex.

Fill in your payment card details and complete the verification procedure.  The funds will be credited to your crypto wallet shortly.

We recommend that you watch the video on depositing funds to your account via Simplex in the mobile app here

3.     Depositing funds using a debit/credit card 

To deposit funds using a card, select 'Bank card' as the payment method and complete the verification procedure by providing the following:

- A form of ID

- A selfie with the document or a live selfie

- A document proving your place of residence. The document must satisfy the following requirements. This can be utility bills, a bank statement or a tax notice. The document must contain your full name and address, as well as the document's date of expiry. Screenshots of documents can't be approved during the verification process.

Please note that we do not accept medical bills, receipts of purchase or insurance policy statements. The proof of address must have been issued within the previous 6 months.

If the form of ID contains information about your home address, it cannot be used as proof of address. In this case, you must present a different form of ID (e.g., a passport). Please note that rules forbid using the same document as a form of ID and proof of address.

After you successfully complete the verification procedure, the payment will be credited to the trading account.

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