Earn Interest

Powered by Nexo

We've partnered with Nexo, the leading crypto lending institution, to provide our users with the Earn Interest feature, which will let StormGain users earn passive income from their holdings in StormGain wallets for a competitive % (APY) without leaving the platform.

What is Earn Interest?

- There are a lot of users who just buy crypto to hold to make profit in future, but until that time comes, this crypto stays as a dead weight, and it may even become devalued when the crypto market is bearish. As a result, holders get nothing from their crypto.
- Banks offer low interest for invested funds of up to only 1%, so there are no ways to invest your savings and get profit of up to 8% without taking risks.
- Staking is provided by our partner Nexo, the largest crypto lending institution.
- You will be able to stake your crypto for interest (APY), which you can learn more about here 
- You will receive interest in real crypto on your StormGain balance.

How does it work?

You can stake any of your crypto assets on your balance. Before starting to use Earn Interest, you MUST COMPLETE KYC PROCEDURES. You will be asked to provide your ID and proof of address.

After you successfully complete the verification process, click DEPOSIT to start staking.

Please bear in mind that the network fee is taken when you start earning crypto and withdraw your crypto. The minimum amount of crypto to start earning crypto interest varies depending on the network fee for each cryptocurrency.

Your balance will be involved in the staking process on Nexo. You'll see that the process is active and will be able to observe how much you earn every day.

Earnings are credited daily to the staked amount as compound interest. Staking is not time-limited, and you can withdraw whenever you want.

Click WITHDRAW, and the earned amount will be added to your StormGain balance.
You are able to withdraw earnings to your external crypto wallets, exchange them on the StormGain platform or use them in trading.

When at least one deposit or withdrawal is in progress, the user cannot initiate new operations until the previous one is completed.
To secure your withdrawal, you must confirm your e-mail address by entering a single-use code sent by Nexo to the verified e-mail address in your StormGain account. Once the code is confirmed, the withdrawal will be processed.

Deposit and withdrawal transactions are usually immediate, but, as with all crypto transactions, they are processed on a blockchain, so times may vary.

Any deposit/withdrawal from Earning balance is reflected in the wallet's transaction history on the platform.

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