How do you open a trade?

On the trading platform, open the Futures section's list of instruments and select the instrument you'd like to trade.


Select a Wallet in the 'New trade' window, enter the trade amount, set the leverage, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. If you expect the cryptocurrency to increase in value, select the 'Buy' option, and if you think it'll drop against USDT, select the 'Sell' option.



Transaction fees will be applied to every trade. You can see their charge in the 'Open Position' window as well.

This is what opening a position at a market price looks like.

If the current price isn't satisfactory, the trader can open a pending Stop Loss or Take Profit order. The other type, pending orders, are made when they meet certain conditions. For example, a trader can place an order to open a trade when the price reaches a certain price. Set the trade parameters, the target price for the trade to execute and the trade direction.


Once this quote price is reached, the position will be opened automatically.

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