How to grow your position

You can increase the volume of your trade on the StormGain platform.

To build-up an already-existing trade, select the one you'd like to build-up from the 'Open Trades' list and click on it once with the left mouse button. You will see a window:


Hit the 'Increase Amount' button.


Enter the amount with which you'd like to build up your trade to the 'Add' field. Confirm by clicking on 'Apply'.

You can also set it so that the trade builds up automatically. This can be done with an already-opened trade. Just tick the 'Build-up this trade automatically for the next time' box. Building-up a new trade is also possible.

When opening a new trade, tick on the 'Autoincrease' field.


For this case, every time your losses on this trade reach 50%, an additional 50% of your trade value will be automatically invested to keep the trade open.

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