How to pass verification when depositing funds using a debit/credit card?

To complete your deposit, you’ll have to pass the verification process.

You’ll be directed to the verification section, where we ask you to provide your Identity Document ID, a selfie, and a document that proves your address.

As proof of identity, you need to upload a double page of your Valid Passport or your Valid Identity card (Front and Back). Please note that other documents are not acceptable as proof of Identity.

When you have done that, simply select the country of issue. Great! Now it’s time for a face scan, it is quick and easy.


As proof of residence, you need to upload any of the following:

1. Full page of your bank statement.

2. Full page of your Utility bill for landline services (Electricity, Gas, Water and Telephone)

3. Full page of residence certificate issued and certified by a local administration.

Proof of residence documents must not be older than 6 months, and a full-page means that the 4 corners of the document are visible. Rent agreements, mobile internet, and sales receipts are not acceptable.

For non-European clients, special conditions apply with regard to their proof of Identity and Proof of Residence.


Once submitted, our system will review the documents and grant a decision within 2 minutes! Ensure that the documents are clear, otherwise, you’ll get an update for which documents were unsuccessful. If this happens, you can try again, immediately.

Following review, you’ll get a green notification with the status of your account verification.

Congratulations! Verification was successful and you can now select the “deposit” button once more.

If you did not wait for the verification result, don’t worry, as you can always see your current status by selecting the method again and filling in your data.

You will also receive a verification email with the result and a link to continue.

In the terminal, you will find a notification message with information about the status change with a link to continue.


Now you’re able to use all the functions available on your StormGain account and can easily deposit funds. To verify your deposit, you’ll be asked to input your login information once more. After this, you’re ready to trade!

We wish you success in your trades and are always here to provide support.

To make the verification process easier, we recommend that you watch the video with instructions by the link .

Welcome to StormGain!

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