How to recognize scammers?

A scammer is an individual, who makes fraudulent transactions on the Internet and on other social areas using people's trustful attitude. He has excellent knowledge of psychology, so he/she can easily enter into a trusting relationship with the victim of his/her criminal intent, committing illegal acts. The actions of the scammers can be so varied that it is very difficult to give concrete advice on how not to become a victim. However, being cautious would be the most important advise for those who actively use electronic payments and have any financial relationships in virtual space.

1) We are being copied and falsified by many scammers. It is impossible to resist this because the groups are open. That is why we advise you first of all to be wise and not to send your money to anybody for solving ANY question.

2) The administrators of the group, as well as Support team will NEVER be the first to write. The only possible case is when we have notified you in front of everyone in the group about sending you a personal message. This situation may occur while the administrator is talking to you in the group and solving your problem. We do not write to you for no reason with the questions: "How are you? Have you been served? Has your problem been resolved?".

3) Before beginning a conversation with administrator in a private message, take a screenshot and make sure in the group that he/she is a real administrator.

4) We DO NOT ASK FOR MONEY under any circumstances. THERE ARE NO SUCH PROBLEMS that require additional money from the client to be deposited into our personal accounts.

4.1) We also do not ask for passwords for client’s personal account. Personal information that may be requested by administrators or Support team is email/account number and screenshot of trouble. 5) Group administrators as well as Support team DO NOT solve financial issues (withdrawals/deposits, commissions etc.). We can only explain the issue, in other cases we will refer your question to the technical support, financial department etc.

6) There are only four! official channels of communication with Support Team: email, online chat on the official website, official Telegram Bot - @StormGain_SupportBot (this bot has NO possibility to write first) and Support Team phone number: +2484671957.

7) If you are still a victim of scammers, we DO NOT refund such transactions and unfortunately cannot influence it in any way.

How to check that you are communicating with NOT real administrator in Telegram:

- Look at the nickname carefully. The official nicknames of our company’s representatives are listed in all groups. Scammers can create exactly the same nicknames with one different letter of another alphabet (for example, @Vrrrai - the first 5 letters of the English alphabet and a letter of the Ukrainian or French alphabet). There are many ways and variations, which are invisible at first glance.

- The best way to check are avatars. All valid Stormgain administrators have three avatars, while scammers usually substitute only the last one.

- Our administrator will never write to you: "Good afternoon! Sorry for the delayed answer. Has your question been answered?" We help very quickly and always know if anyone doesn’t get the answer. Exactly these questions are the most common phrases of scammers.

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Wishing all of you safety and successful trading!

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