I cannot activate 2FA

There are two ways to activate two-factor authentication (2FA):

-via text message (you'll receive a code in a text message)

-via Google Authenticator (you'll receive a code in the app).


If you cannot activate 2FA, please follow these recommendations:

If your device runs on Android OS, clear the application cache (Settings -> Applications -> StormGain -> Clear cache) and restart the device.

If your device runs on iOS and you're using mobile internet (3G, LTE) or Wi-Fi, we recommend changing the network access point.

If the system shows that the Google Authenticator verification code is incorrect, please confirm that the time and time zone have been set correctly on the phone with the Google Authenticator app. We recommend that you use the 'Automatic date and time' feature in phone settings to ensure that the time in the app and on the phone is synchronised.

Please note that when you first enabled Google Authenticator, you received a passcode (which you should have stored). Use this code.

If you need to recover access to Google Authenticator after reinstalling the app.

If the issue persists, please fill in the feedback form and attach the screenshot (or video) with a detailed description of your issue in the attachment.

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