Increasing an Active Trade Amount

By entering into a transaction in the terminal StormGain, you are sure that your risk is limited to the amount of the transaction that you opened.

At the same time, free funds in your account are always safe.

However, in trade there are situations when a deal that approaches the zone of maximum allowable level of losses and can be closed as a result of an accidental price jump, must be secured against forced closure.

To provide the necessary margin of safety, you can increase the amount of this transaction.

Increasing the amount can avoid premature closure and keep the trading process under control.

To use the function, you must select the active transaction, the amount by which the transaction will be increased and confirm the transaction.

After that the following will occur:

- The amount of the transaction will increase, and the level of forced closure will move to a safe distance.

The opening price of the transaction will change and will be equal to the weighted average price of the initial opening price of the transaction and the price of the instrument at the time of the transaction:

- A commission is charged for this operation, which corresponds to the amount of an increase in the transaction, taking into account the leverage.

- From the moment of the transaction to increase the amount of the transaction, the accrual for postponing the position to the next day will also increase.

The write-off will be made from the new investment amount;

- We draw your attention to the fact that the increase in the amount of the transaction occurs with a leverage equal to the leverage for the current transaction.


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