Liquidation level

At StormGain, there's such a thing as a minimum trade amount. That amount is 10 USDT for most cryptocurrencies. However, when taking the leverage into consideration, the amount can increase by 5, 50, or 150 times, depending on the instrument. You can learn more on the Fees and Limits page .  

StormGain has a liquidation level. Liquidation level for a specific trade comes into play when the level of loss on a position reaches 80% of  the amount invested in the position. In other words, when losses reach 80% of the amount the client invested in the position with his own money.  At this point, the position will be automatically closed.

A Margin Call is a warning that the closing threshold is at risk of being crossed. You'll receive a notification when the loss on your position reaches 50% of its total amount. This allows you to decide whether to increase the position amount, update the Stop Loss and Take Profit parameters or close the position.

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