Profit Share

A profit share is an approach that allows users to avoid paying commissions for trades. The only commission, or 'share', the user pays when the trade is closed with a profit. If the trade losses money, the user doesn't have to pay any fees. But, if the user profits on the trade, he/she just shares 10% of the profit with the exchange platform. It's a classic win-win scenario.


How does it work?

When users go to the window to open a new trade, they'll see a message saying that there's a 0% fee to open trades and that a 10% profit share will only be taken from profitable trades.


When a user opens a new trade, he/she will see a notification saying that this trade has been opened with a 0% fee.


When closing the position, the trade report will show the user a breakdown of all commissions taken, including the Profit Share, if applicable.


You can find all information regarding 0% commission and profit sharing on the Fees and Commissions -> Trading page.


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