Rules for using mined funds

Attention! Starting 1 April 2024, new rules for using mined funds are entering into force.


Just as before, you'll be able to use any mined funds in your trading operations. However, to do so, you'll need to have a sufficient amount of real funds in your account. To be able to open a trade using bonus funds from the miner, you'll need to have a 4 to 1 ratio of real funds to bonus funds in your account (80% real funds and 20% bonus funds from the miner). For example, to activate 10 USDT that you mined, you should have 40 USDT of real funds in your USDT wallet. When you meet this condition, 50 USDT will automatically be available for trading. When using mined funds for trading, you must keep in mind that trades use real funds first. Bonus funds from mining start to be used only after all real funds have been used.

Mined funds will come in handy for managing risk since they can help maintain positions during possible price drawdowns or temporary changes in market conditions. In situations like this, they can serve as a sort of safety cushion, keeping positions from closing at a loss and providing additional support to your positions.

In light of these changes, we suggest that before you start using mined funds in your trading, you should make sure that your trading account balance has a sufficient amount of real funds that will allow you to activate bonus funds and use them according to the rules.

I withdrew funds from the miner but don't see them in my balance

The ratio of real funds to bonus funds in your balance (80% real and 20% bonus funds or 4 to 1 real:bonus) is the main condition for activating trade using mined funds.


If you don't have enough real funds in your account to activate the corresponding amount of bonus funds from the miner, the bonus funds will remain inactive. In other words, you won't be able to use them in trading.


When you deposit real funds to your account, the mined funds will be adjusted, and the corresponding amount of bonus funds will become unlocked and can be used in trading.


The process of making active bonus funds inactive and vice-versa is part of a way of effectively managing bonus funds that allows you to maintain a certain ratio between real and bonus funds in your account and guarantees the observance of established rules.


I withdrew real funds, and funds from mining disappeared from my balance


When changing the amount of real funds in your account, the proportion (80% real funds, 20% bonus funds) is no longer met, so part of mined funds becomes inactive. To make mined funds available for trading, deposit real funds into your account.


I can't withdraw or exchange mined funds

Mined funds can only be used for trading. They cannot be withdrawn or exchanged. That said, all profits made from trades using mined funds can be exchanged or withdrawn to an external crypto wallet.


Attention! It is important to remember that trading involves risks. As such, you must exercise due caution and conduct thorough market research before making any decisions about investing your funds.


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