Rules governing the receipt and use of bonus funds

What are bonus funds?

Bonus funds (bonuses) are USDT-denominated monies that can be used for trading and generating profit, but cannot be directly withdrawn from users’ accounts.

How do I get a bonus?

Bonuses are given in the following cases:

  • following client participation in the company’s various bonus schemes, the details of which are provided by the company on its website or by other means

What is the maximum amount of bonus funds I can have on my account?

The maximum amount of bonus funds that are eligible for withdrawal by a client from his or her account shall not exceed 20% of the total balance of said account. In the event that the client increases/decreases his or her USDT account balance, the remaining amount of bonus funds available for trading shall be adjusted automatically.

Open positions are not taken into account when calculating the ratio of real funds to bonus funds.

How do we calculate the remaining amount of any bonus funds involved in an open trade?

The trade shall first be backed by real funds, and then by bonus funds.

What happens to any bonus funds when I transfer USDT between various accounts within the app?

Whenever you make a transfer from your USDT account to another account held within the app, any bonus funds will automatically become unavailable for trading.

However, these funds are still yours, and as soon as you transfer the money back into your USDT account, the bonus will reactivate.

What happens to my bonus funds if I withdraw my money from the terminal?

When you withdraw funds from the terminal, you will lose a proportion of your bonus funds equivalent to the amount you would receive for a deposit of the same size (depending on your current client status).

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Rules governing the receipt and use of bonus funds

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