Smart filters

The StormGain app allows users to filter instruments according to specific criteria of their choosing. When the platform's default settings are applied, only the most popular instruments are displayed. However, there is a way for you to see all our available trading instruments ("All instruments"). You can also filter instruments according to their price activity. Under "Biggest gainers", for example, you can find the cryptocurrencies demonstrating the strongest growth.  Under "Biggest losers", on the other hand, you can see the coins that have lost the most.

Tabs with filters can be found at the top of the trading app screen, under "Futures".


What's more, users can also create their own watch lists which they can populate with the coins that they find most interesting or those which they trade most frequently.

To add an instrument to Favourites, all you have to do is pull its chart up on the screen and click the little star next to the cryptocurrency pair's name.

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