Unlocked Staking

Unlocked Staking will provide an opportunity for StormGain users to earn profit from their holdings without locking their funds, i.e., funds remain available for other operations, such as trading or exchanging, within the StormGain platform.

Classic staking means holding or 'freezing' a certain amount of funds in your wallet to earn interest on the cryptocurrency you own. Unlike traditional staking, unlocked staking lets you earn profit on assets without freezing them.

Unlocked Staking is available for all StormGain clients starting with Standard loyalty status. The higher the client's account status is, the higher the APY for staking is, which means the bigger the staking reward will be.

You should have at least 10 USDT or any other cryptocurrency to start staking. 

After you activate Unlocked Staking, you'll see a countdown panel showing how much time is left until the next active session.

To continue earning passive income, you'll need to return to the platform and activate 'Stake' again. Each session lasts 48 hours. Earned interest is automatically added to your balance immediately after a staking session ends.

Payouts are made in Tether (USDT) by default. After your first payout, you'll see 'Total interest earned' in the 'Unlocked Staking' section. This is where you can track how much you've earned from staking for a selected session.

Important! If you've withdrawn funds (or spent them via trading operations), you won't earn interest from staking for the session.

All funds you earn can be used for trading only. Any profit you make during those trades is yours to exchange or withdraw.


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