What is a leverage and how can it be changed?

A leverage is used to manage risks when performing a cryptocurrency trade. A leverage also proportionally affects the amount of commission charged when opening trades and moving them to another trading day.

The leverage makes it possible to increase profitability on trades. It also allows the funds available on your StormGain account to be used more effectively. Using it is the same as working with funds that are up to 150 times the amount that's available on your account when completing cryptocurrency trades.

The maximum leverage amount to complete trades depends on the trading instrument and can vary from 5 to 150 (with step 1). You can view detailed trading conditions for each instrument, including its maximum leverage, on the Fees and Limits page.

The leverage is set when a position is opened.


The leverage amount can be set manually in the appropriate field or by selecting the desired level on the sliding scale.


The leverage cannot be changed for a position that has already been opened.

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