What is the loyalty programme, and how does it work?

StormGain's loyalty programme is an opportunity for clients to take advantage of more favourable trading terms and bonuses. The loyalty programme includes a range of bonuses and discounts that clients receive based on their status. There are 7 status grades in total: Standard, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, VIP 1, VIP 2 and VIP 3. The higher your status is, the more favourable your trading terms are.

Clients are awarded a status based on their trading volume for the calendar month.

After qualifying for a particular status, clients receive the following status-determined benefits:

- Discounts on trading commission

- Lower commission for cryptocurrency exchanges

- Higher speed of mining

More information about the programme can be found here: (https://stormgain.com/loyalty-program)


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What is the loyalty programme, and how does it work?

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