What's a daily click bonus?

The Daily Click Bonus is USDT that may be obtained on a daily basis for a certain number of clicks in the Crypto Miner. The bonus for clicks is credited to your Crypto Miner balance. Here's how this bonus programme works: after the miner is first activated, the user gets a 100-hour limit for obtaining daily click bonuses. In your Crypto Miner account, you can see a scale that shows the remaining time and bonus amount.


For the 1st click, you get 0.5 USDT.

For the 5th click, you get 1 USDT.

For the 10th click, you get 1.5 USDT

For the 15th click, you get 2 USDT.


When 100 hours are over, the bonus is no longer available.


Please note that this type of bonus is available only for newcomers after they first activate the miner.


If you've already activated the Crypto Miner, you are not entitled to Daily Click Bonuses. You will not see a 100-hour bonus scale on your account. Clients are still able to use Crypto Miner without any restrictions.

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