Instant Exchange

How much trading commission do we charge?

There are several types of commission/interest on StormGain:

Types of orders. Market and Limit/Stop order.

Different order types can be used during an exchange. Selecting the order type is only available for advanced exchange.


In addition to its other features, the StormGain platform also offers cryptocurrency exchange functionality. If you have real funds on your account in any supported cryptourrency, you can exchange them via the "Exchange" tab.

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Crypto trading

What is a leverage and how can it be changed?

A leverage is used to manage risks when performing a cryptocurrency trade.

How to grow your position

You can increase the volume of your trade on the StormGain platform.

How do you close your trade?

All running trades and pending orders will be displayed in the corresponding section on the platform.

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How to contact us?

If you have any questions, we'll gladly provide you with answers.

StormGain’s Crypto Miner

StormGain is delighted to announce the launch of its exciting new Cloud Miner tool. This unique, innovative feature enables users to mine their very own cryptocurrency right from their phone.

How can I withdraw?

You can withdraw funds using the methods described below:

What is Bid price and Ask price?

When trading on financial markets, it's important to bear in mind that there are always 2 prices at any given moment: the price at which you can buy an asset (the Ask price) and the price at which you can sell an asset (the Bid price).

Two-factor authentication: Google Authenticator and SMS

Clients' safety is essential to us. That's why we recommend that you enable two-factor verification.

Trading signals

Our trading signals constitute a ready-made cryptocurrency trading solution.